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Four Gloucestershire artists come together to bring you a magical mix of textiles, paintings, mosaics, ceramics, prints, jewellery and more. Step into our Little Shop of Wonders and enjoy.

Tara Davidson creates beautifully textured ceramics featuring antique lace and plants. After many years in the fashion and clothing industry she felt ready to return to the tactile nature of clay, where her creative passion had begun as a child growing up in South Africa. Now based in Cirencester, Tara's work reflects her love of the feminine beauty of lace and fabric, and some of her pieces incorporate lace patterns from heirlooms, passed down through generations of her family. Tara will be exhibiting a wide range of her ceramics, including a new collection of vases, lace bowls, cow parsley bowls, tea lights, coasters, pendants, earrings and Christmas decorations.

Now living in Cheltenham, Kerry Jane grew up surrounded by the countryside so developed a love for wildlife and nature. Growing up she would be forever doodling little birds and animals on every scrap of spare paper but never thought she would be lucky enough to spend her adult life drawing them for a living. Self taught, Kerry's tastes and style are still changing as she learns and finds new inspirations. She also wants people to appreciate all the beauty around us as we run about with our busy lives. 'Fauna and Folklore' is Kerry's latest collection of work which looks at our wildlife and how it is intertwined with superstition, folklore and weather-lore. Each artwork has been created using pencil and finished off with either genuine 23.75ct gold, platinum or silver leaf. Kerry will also have a collection of fine art Giclee prints and a selection of cards.

Yvette Green is a stained glass mosaic artist working from a studio based in Cirencester. Originally from South Africa, Yvette trained in Botany and Education before working in mosaics for the last 9 years. She works mostly with stained glass and glass inclusions and produces mosaics for all areas of the home and the garden as well as mosaic jewellery. Her work is primarily inspired by the intense colours of nature and her love of the outdoors. Yvette will be exhibiting a new range of small glass on glass mosaics in frames that are ideally suited for display in windows so they are backlit. She will also be exhibiting more of her popular beach inspired mosaics as well as a new range of mosaic pendants.

Jane Vernon, from Stroud, will be exhibiting new ranges of ceramics with metal lustre decoration - mugs featuring elephants and geometric patterns, and fruit bowls and vases with swooping tulips. You'll also find a selection of her other popular ceramic tableware ranges, including mugs, bowls, jugs, teapots and plates. Jane will be showing a variety of decorative textiles, including wallhangings, silk 'canvasses' and stitched photographic images. There will also be silk-painted scarves with co-ordinating earrings and a variety of original greetings cards. Jane's ceramics are designed and made by a foodie for you to enjoy every day, while her textiles pieces are influenced mainly by colour and by the natural world.


If you would like to meet with any of the artists, they hope to be at the exhibition on the following days.

Tuesday 15th Kerry
Wednesday 16th Tara a.m., Yvette p.m.
Thursday 17th Jane
Friday 18th Yvette
Saturday 19th
Yvette (over lunchtime)
Sunday 20th Jane
Monday 21st Kerry
Tuesday 22nd Kerry
Wednesday 23rd Jane
Thursday 24th Tara
Friday 25th Yvette
Saturday 26th
Yvette (over lunchtime)
Sunday 27th Tara









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