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Another Beastly Art Exhibition


"Another Beastly Art Exhibition" features the work of three Gloucestershire artists who are inspired by nature and, in particular, animals. Hazel Morris, Nat Morley and Jane Vernon have been exhibiting together since 1999; over twenty years each has developed her work and grown as an artist but together they still put on an exhibition with the wow factor.

Hazel Morris creates contemporary jewellery inspired by Anglo-Saxon designs. The fabulous animal, bird and fish motifs have never ceased to fascinate her and feature strongly in her work, from large one-off solid silver and bronze cast pieces to smaller intricate pieces with copper and brass details.

Nat Morley specialises in woodcut prints, producing bold, lively designs on a wildlife theme. Her pictures feature characterful creatures and often convey a feeling of movement and vitality.

Jane Vernon makes tableware and vases with cheery designs. Increasingly these include decoration with coloured and precious metal lustres, including 'beastly pots' with sculpted handles. Her textiles work includes wallhangings, silk canvasses, and photographs printed onto silk and stitched. Besides the natural world her chief inspiration is colour.


You can meet the artists during the exhibition. Barring unforseen circumstances, we hope to be there on the following days.

5th Nat
6th Hazel
7th Hazel
8th Nat
9th Jane
10th Hazel
12th Jane
13th Nat
14th Hazel
15th Jane
16th Nat
17th Jane









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